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Transforming Skin Resurfacing with Fractional Plasma™
Jeffrey Hsu, MD, FAAD; Nina G. Desai, DO

When it comes to repairing and renewing aging skin, laser-based fractional skin resurfacing has been the treatment of choice for decades. While the results are rewarding, it can come at a price—days, if not weeks of downtime. Launched this year, Opus™ advances the field forward with a solution that addresses this pain point with a novel, new energy source—Plasma, with Opus Plasma™.

Join Jeffrey Hsu, MD, FAAD and Nina Desai, DO in this interactive virtual panel discussion as they share how they are customizing their treatments in ways never before possible from a single resurfacing workstation. Topics to include:
  • The evolution of skin resurfacing technologies
  • The scientific evidence that sets Opus Plasma apart
  • A wide range of clinical cases that make Opus their everyday aesthetic workstation

Don't miss this opportunity to discover the versatility and value of Fractional Plasma with Opus Plasma.

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