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A Multi-specialty Panel Discussion on the latest innovations from Alma, as Shared at the 2022 American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery conference
Moderator: Jeffrey Hsu, MD, FAAD
Panelists: Shraddha Desai, MD, FAAD; Lady Dy, MD, FAAD; Lawrence Iteld, MD; Lydia Parker, MD, FAAD; and Lyndsey Shipp, MD, FAAD
Learn from leading Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeon as they share their personal experiences and clinical best practices with Alma’s most recent innovations:
  • Launched in 2021, Alma Hybrid™ combines two laser wavelengths, a 10,600 nm (CO2) laser and 1570 nm laser, in one sophisticated platform for an all-in-one skin resurfacing solution
  • Launched in 2022, Alma TED™ is an Ultrasound-based system with a propriety Tip engineered with Impact Delivery™ that offers a non-invasive, non-traumatic option to address the market’s growing hair loss concerns
  • Launched in 2022, Opus Colibri™ by Opus® provides a precise and customizable method of delivering ablation and thermal coagulation using a 0.7 mm tip for harder-to-reach areas like eyes and nose

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